(Stadtmacherbehörde 城市创者官员)

Stadtmacherbehörde 城市创者官员

Mit der Stadtmacherbehörde 城市创者官员, einer konferenzbegleitenden Mikroarchitektur, sammelte, dokumentierte und vernetzte das Kollektiv Raumstation die Inhalte des Citymakers Meet-Up 2016.

von Kollektiv Raumstation

Projektbeschreibung: Stadtmacherbehörde 城市创者官员

Raumstation was invited to the first Sino-German CITYMAKERS Meet-Up and took part in it with a mobile idea lab: CITYMAKERS-Authority – Stadtmacherbehörde – 城市创者官员, a micro-architecture in the hall of Robert Bosch Stiftung’s Berlin Representative Building.

During the Meetup Raumstation collected, documented and connected the ideas, discussions and results of six different workshops. Therefore, Raumstation sent out reporters. While taking part they documented everything that was happening – the method of documentation was up to them. All the information came together in a micro-architecture located in the Representative Office, where it was processed and presented.

Having the insights of the workshops in mind, Raumstation discusses in CITYMAKERS Authority Report the workshops‘ topics under the notion of city making – to further explore the meaning of that term and the possible challenges and potentials while working on city makers issues.